Final Frontier: Forms & Reports Oracle – 12c

My explorations of Oracle 12c Forms and Reports did not end with Installation and a cursory glance of its Forms and Report. This agony is captured in my earlier blog.

Looks another mystery was waiting to unravel, when I tried deploying 12c Report on a report server and invoke it via a Form.  This is practical way a report is invoked.

As per installation document, created a report server instance and named it “MyServer1 via WLST command, it was success. However,  when  tried to access it via getserverinfo option, it displayed port  binding error, REP-51002 Bind to Reports Server rep_server_name failed . This was not new; Oracle support had given solutions around opening port, 14021 via Window firewall.

This did not worked, thought of giving up this experiment on Windows 10 machine

But keen developer inside did not let me sleep .. (miles to go before I sleep !)

Finally HIS grace knocked; as always, I chanced to look at middle of YouTube video that advocated the report server name to embedded manually in “”, this is spread across 3 different folders, a search within Middleware folder will reveal.

Secondly reference to “securityId=”rwJaznSec” to be removed from all instances rwserver.conf files.

Finally Lady Luck smiled at sharp Mid Night, Report Server and its integration with Forms went off peacefully.

This gives an indication of Oracle 12c’s Forms and Report offering.