Explore GPU Power for Free

Excited to share my recent discovery, fellow members exploring CPU intensive Deep Learning Tasks, can benefit, Worth giving it try.

I wanted to train Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) using GPU with a decent size machine. Tried AWS and GCP, both turned out to be expensive beyond free tier.

While exploring options to use GPU with little configuration and setup, stumbled upon Colaboratory. This is an offering from Google stable, presently free. Requires no configuration and setup.

It provides GPU (Tesla K80 GPU) for free, suitable for Tensorflow, Keras and Pytorch.

Please visit https://colab.research.google.comfor details.

It took me 10 mins to launch my CNN training task.

Performance was very good.

Loaded data on google drive and used this run to python (Keras) program from browser, using GPU and could feel the performance.

On the top, there’s a good tutorial to kick start,  https://medium.com/deep-learning-turkey/google-colab-free-gpu-tutorial-e113627b9f5d

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