Is Astrology & Palmistry Scientific?

I have been trying to decipher Astrology/Palmistry & Computers for almost same duration of time, close to 20 years.

One question is, are these two fields scientific. Can we use it to predict future events or difference in twin with almost same charts?

I thought its beyond realms of science as we know today, but I was wrong!

Truth is these two fields are as scientific as Quantum Physics/Computing and Genetics as we understand  them today.

Horoscope of a native is chart of planets position at the Time and Place person is born. Very much like Genome of a human. Position of planets and their houses is found by using same principles and formulas of physics/maths that are used by Astronomers or Met Department for predicting Lunar Cycles or Eclipses. I can vouch for it, as I developed similar package for Times of India Group long back.

When it comes to predictions streak of Uncertainty creeps in.

Mystery of which genes will mutate or manifest in what form is same as that of location of a quantum particle.

Similarly there’s uncertainty in making predictions from a horoscope or palm print. Not in computing/making of horoscope.

99.9% genome of two humans are same, it’s only 0.1% that makes all the difference.

Expressions of genes, Phenotype, is dependent on Genome + Environment. The environment is yet to be explored.

Part of 0.1% is responsible for diseases and related sufferings or any positive traits (by chance).

Same reasoning explains difference in twins with almost identical horoscopes.

Uncertainty in predicting genes manifestation is same in case of events from Horoscopes, Palm Prints.

Possibly when science will master Quantum Physics/Computing/Genetic Manifestation, we will be able to predict events from Horoscopes and use it for our benefit