Time Series Analysis vs Quantum Magic – Predictions

There’s a notable spurt in Time Series Analysis using Statistics & Deep Learning – Trying to predict “Future” in Health Care, Securities/Stocks, Traffic, Weather etc. Race against randomness.

Quantum computing is trying to decipher nuances of Qbits – take computing to next level.

I feel revival of erstwhile fictional “Star Trek” making life safe and better. Churning large amount of data captured via IoT Devices, Medical Instruments, Genes & Associated Mutations!

Time to study, integrate and merge independent data collected from healthcare, stocks, transport, astronomy. See if a Model emerges, which can Predict.

May be there’s a co-relation among them, not yet explored.

Statistics with Deep learning can then make out sense and make predictions.

George Box, a great statistician and author rightly said, “All models are wrong, but some are useful.”

Long back when I was exploring palmistry & astrology, Forewarned is Forearmed, was the motive!

Time is up now …

We can capture, store & process huge & humongous data to churn out a Meaningful Model.

Onus lies with Government & Private Sector to share and take initiative in connecting varied data across diverse departments/units.

Data Scientists & Engineers together can clean, massage, interconnect & feed it to a Neural Network.

For example, I was working on a project to make sense using AI – Using Geno & Phenotypic Data to identify disease like Cancer, but boom it was thwarted, randomness prevailed!

Further believe some magical power called “God” is managing grand show.

One day … we shall overcome…